Monday 27 June 2011

Vibes has moved to Australia and have no web connection yet apart from free wifi here and there.  
It's on it's way though so more posts coming in a week or so.  Peace out brothers and sisters...


Friday 17 June 2011

// MISTO //

Nice new flick from old time-buddy-steez Rees over at Cosmic Undergrowth


My boy Blanck Mass is set to release his debut solo album on Mogwai's Rock Action label on 20th June.

Above is the video for the album track 'Icke's Struggle' by Alex Turvey.

Thursday 16 June 2011


Former Selves release a DVD on the accomplished Bridgetown Records label (HERE) of the city of Industry, California.  The music for the DVD, "fait accompli" can be streamed on Bandcamp HERE

Download the new 21 track label sampler HERE  Featuring music by the amazing 
Jon Barba (aka Nicole Kidman), Kevin Greenspon, Former Selves, Sundrips and more!

Wednesday 15 June 2011


Sanju got in touch about his Brooklyn-based music project.  In his words:
"My sound consists of a fender rhodes, a modeling synth, a harmonium, hands-and-fists-on-table percussion, found sounds, and wordless vocals.  My buddy Keith Putnam plays rhythm guitar on two tracks"

I really like the sounds he makes, fuzzy and heartwarming stuff... click that download link!

You can download the older and equally great How Does It Feel EP  HERE

Friday 3 June 2011