Sunday 26 February 2012


"Anthony Stern's San Francisco is one of the key works of the British avant-garde cinema of the late-1960's. It is a 15-minute voyage, set to the Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive," that palpitates through the single-frame, hand-held procedures associated in the American underground cinema with figures such as Marie Menken and Jonas Mekas. Stern, first a painter who started in film as an assitant to Peter Whitehead, articulates light and colour and motion in the spirit of LΓ‘zlΓ³ Moholy-Nagy (or of Harry Callahan's photographs of Detroit in the 40s); he stretches and stops and smears film time, treated here as psychoactive sculptural material"

Thursday 23 February 2012


Ace promo vid from Sweden's Pontus Alv & friends new company POLAR SKATE CO

// TOO TRUE //

Tuesday 21 February 2012

// iHeartBeats3 mxd by 18aC //

Excellent one hour and seventeen minute, 47 track podcast mix of various instrumental left-of-field electronic musics via WEAREFARFETCHED imprint out of St Louis, Missouri.  Track info HERE.

Monday 20 February 2012

// 2XBURIAL //

STREET HALO // KINDRED - this link was suspended minutes after posting (!)...  so here's a sweet-as Burial mix that you can download without fear of FBI storm troopers smashing through your roof....

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Thursday 9 February 2012


This is the first compilation of submissions from readers of the blog far and wide.  It's a chunky, eclectic mix running through garage surf (Malibooz) to chopped and screwed Kate Bush (Mediafired) to noise field recordings (Kevin Sanders) to shoegaze fuzz (Stagnant Pools) and much, much more. 

Import into a new playlist and enjoy after you have copied the link and shared it as much as you can!

Big thanks to all the artists who submitted... Keep it up!

Big love,


// YOUR VIBES #1 //  --------------------------

Stagnant Pools - Consistency  (Bandcamp)

Malibooz  - Little Surfer Krill  (Soundcloud)

Castle Kids - Ancient Hymns  (Soundcloud)

Taxa - 4th Place  (Soundcloud)

Cat Matador - We Can Change  (Tumblr)

The Act of Estimating as Worthless - Coup D'etre Humain  (Bandcamp)

Bosco - Beauty & The Stone  (Bandcamp)

Tezeo - Friends  (Soundcloud)

Heavy Midgets - Box of Wood  (Bandcamp)

Baby Chuck - Whatever Is Happening  (Bandcamp)

Derby Sunshine - If I Love You  (Bandcamp)

The Orwells - Suspended  (Bandcamp)

Shapers - Bitch Veins  (Bandcamp)

T. Sarafado - Certamente  (Soundcloud)

Erik Jourgensen - Telling You  (Soundcloud)

Kostoglotov - Build  (Bandcamp)

Acid Kicks - Life Dreams  (Bandcamp)

Mediafired - Cati  (Soundcloud)

Jubril Hardy - Kickin It  (JubrilHardyWorldWide) 

Celebrine - Mirror  (Soundcloud)

Isaac Delusion - Midnight Sun  (Cracki Records)

Safari Al - Hermitage Academy  (Bandcamp)

Kevin Sanders - Walking Up A Mountain For Baby  (Wordpress)


Wednesday 8 February 2012

Wednesday 1 February 2012


Sick soundtrack!


Mike Watt from legendary bands Minutemen & Firehose hosts a fine radio show.
Check the details in the left column of the page for podcast info.